Monday, 17 December 2012

Wii U poem

Oh Nintendo, Nintendo
You release a new console
Which made many go 'doh'
And want to whack you with a pole

Updating the firmware can make you old
When it does and you only get to play
Inferior ports that are sold
'It's not the same game. It's not the same content' Reggie will say

Rehashing 2D Mario once again
Is it the same game as sold before?
Little to excite the brain
No new Galaxy or HD Hyrule to explore

Only Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2
Not enough for most
Get the fans talking about you
But not really to boast

The Gamepad
A new Revolution was claimed
But it is quite sad
Low battery life and poor screen is blamed

Keeping costs down
Not pushing the boat
Giving many a frown
And you easily afloat

Off screen gameplay
Without the need for a TV
Allowing you to pick up and play
Whilst leaving others to be

Media features such as streaming
Netflix and YouTube
Will they keep it from becoming
The next GameCube?

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