Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Ode to Prancing Horse

For five years
There was a man
He was from Spain
And he had a dream
That one day
He would be Champion
A Champion, in red
With the mark of distinction on the side
"il Cavallino Rampante"

The Prancing Horse
Known the world over
For the man from Spain
It was his aim to win
However, for five years
His efforts were in vain

As time went on
He became broken
He knew his time was running out
And the Prancing Horse was moving nowhere
So he had to

With a heavy heart
And a heavier wallet
The man from Spain left
To a place not unknown

He had a past
And it wasn't one
Of joy and remembrance
More of saboteurs and distrust
And one in particular
For whom he clashed
Promises broken, or so it is said

The man from Spain
Would be happy if he was not there
But his old adversary came back to power
To turn around his floundering team
And in a twist, also to the man from Spain

A move no one predicted
Except one man from Ireland
With awful fashion sense
The man from Spain heard his call
And also the money he would make
So he reunited with old foes
To try and achieve the same goals

And what of the Prancing Horse?
It is wounded but there is light
Or so they think
A boy from Germany
With much success before
Who wants to emulate his childhood hero
But he shall be warned
The Prancing Horse
Could be in pain some more

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