Monday, 8 October 2012

Flash Fiction story

At University, I did a 500 (well 483 to be exact) word story. This is called Flash Fiction, since it's short, obviously. Anyway, without further ado, here it is: 
“Dumb dog.” Words which were said far too often for one woman as the dog she named Bruce ran around the garden like he had taken large quantities of sugar and caffeine. Bruce was racing around the garden like a flash, his owners seeing nothing but a big black blur. Border Collie’s are supposed to be intelligent as far as dogs go but not this one.

“Bruce you idiot what the hell are you doing?”

“You’re a nutcase Bruce.”

The reason for all the commotion, a cat. An old tale, the dog chases the cat but the cat has the intelligence and agility to evade the dog without much fuss. This was looking to be another story which is looking to have the same plot. The cat in question was a ginger colour, parading the perimeter of the garden by walking on the fence and taunting the dog and causing him to go into a frenzy.

The cat knows it and does it to mess with Bruce. Cats are cruel, cunning creatures. They know exactly what they are doing. However, things do go wrong and they did for this feline. As he was trotting along the fence of the garden he lost grip and fell to the ground. He landed on all fours as it’s predicted all cats do. The feline faced a new challenge, Bruce. The excitable dog couldn’t contain himself once he saw that the cat had dropped to his level he smelled blood.

There was a standoff as the two sized each other up and just stared at each other. The calm before the storm. Then, in just a split second, all hell broke loose. Bruce headed straight for his foe but the cat was too quick and got out of the way before it became Bruce’s latest chew toy. As a result, Bruce went crashing into the garden fence and caused it to wobble like Rolf Harris with a piece of cardboard. This caused a huge racket which alerted Bruce’s owners to his energetic stupidity. Once they were aware of what was going on, they knew Bruce was never going to achieve what we aimed to.

“Come in Bruce you’re going to break something.”

“What are you doing?” were the cries but would this Border Collie listen? No. He just ran and ran trying to catch the ginger ninja but the cat was too quick and too clever to be caught. Both were running around the garden and looked like coloured blurs from an onlooker’s perspective. This battle went on for some time until the cat decided that enough is enough and leaped over the fence and into the next garden in one clean move. 

Bruce looked up in amazement for a few seconds, then proceeded to walk into house. This sheep dog hadn’t rounded the sheep on this occasion. Maybe next time the dog will have his day. 

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